Finding a Mistress

You have inspired me to become a woman’s CFNM slave locally!!

I got this message from a man in New York city, who has been writing to me, wanting to be a slave. Naturally I was curious, so I pressed him on the details. After giving me a fictionalised slave-fantasy account of his first meeting with his new Mistress at a cocktail party, which I rejected, he offered this.

I was at a vanilla cocktail party when I noticed a woman wearing a long, ankle length dress with a high neck. It was sexy because it was artfully draped. She sat down and when she crossed her legs a high slit in the dress opened. I could not help staring at her feet and shoes from across the room. She noticed me looking at them, met my eyes, and I looked down and away. Later she was sitting down talking to another man. I could not keep from staring at her feet and shoes again. She caught me looking again and I turned away. Later I was at the bar and she came up to me and said hello. I suppose I blushed. I could not say anything. She said she saw me looking at her feet and shoes twice. I said yes I was looking because they were so beautiful.

She said that she has found an alpha man looks into her eyes. A submissive man looks at her chest. And a slave looks at her feet.

She said she dressed the way she did to separate men into those three categories. She then asked me what category was I. I did not say anything.

“Tell me.” she said in a commanding voice.

“I am a slave.” I answered.

“Self knowledge is a good thing.” she replied.

Then she asked me if I had a small cock. I was pretty shocked. I did not know what to say. She then slapped me with her gloved hand. Not hard, but enough to make people stare. I was very embarassed and humiliated but also felt myself getting aroused.

“Tell me.” she said. ”

“Yes.” I replied.

She looked down at my pants and said, “Clearly you get off on being humiliated. I don’t date small cocked masochists but if you want to clean my apartment while I am out with a real man I might let you if you beg. Here is my card.”

I called her later.

“Hi this is Brian. Is this Laura?”

“Did I meet you at the party yesterday?”

‘Yes Ma’am.”

“You are the small cocked sissy faggot who wants to clean my apartment while I am out.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“And why do you want to do that?”

I was not expecting that question. I had to think how to express how I felt.

“Because it excites me sexually to serve you.”

“Why does it excite you? Do you like being humiliated by a woman who will never fuck you?”


“Have you masturbated about me?”


“To orgasm?”


“That was rude to do without my permission. The next time I see you I want you to be wearing a Mature Metal Jail Bird. Find it on the Internet. Put it on, lock it, and call me again.”

She hung up.

When it arrived I called her again.

“Hello, this is Laura.”

“Hi Laura. This is Brian.”

“Hello slave. Are you wearing the Jail Bird?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good boy. I have a hot date on Thursday. I want you to arrive at 7pm so that I may instruct you in your tasks before I leave. My address is [address]. Do you have it?”


“Good. Goodbye.”

I went to see her at the appointed time and things went from there.

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