Curry Palace

Eve was slipping away from work; slipping away a little early to escape the soul deadening atmosphere of the office. Her desk had a view of the rail yards that only came to life around 4:30 p.m. when the trains started converging on the station to carry commuters home. This rush hour pow wow inevitably ended in a protracted traffic jam. Would be travellers were not in fact speedily conveyed to their waiting family and friends, but were forced ignore the presence of strangers on blustery train platforms. This is why Eve preferred the bike.

In the office toilet she donned her black cycling pants, worn out runners and a black t-shirt. She hoped that no one had seen her carry a bike bag with her to the toilet as this would be a dead giveaway of her intention to leave. She opened the heavy green door that led to the piss smelling stairs that were the fire escape. Holding her breath to avoid the stench she exited through the door that led directly to the underground car park where she stabled her bike.

She started to feel freer as she pedalled up the steep hill that led away from the office.

After a few blocks she felt woozy, the familiar sensation of muscular weakness and light-headedness indicating that she must eat something soon or risk low blood sugar and the associated shakiness. She’d tried to ride out the sensation once or twice before hoping it would go away but it never did. It just got worse. So it she must.

Eve scanned the upcoming city block for a suitable food outlet. Curry Palace screamed a large sign next to a 7/11.

‘That’s the place for me,’ she thought and pulled over. A curry would be just the thing. She entered the small restaurant and walked up to the counter.

‘Could you make me a small serve of curry with rice?’ she asked the girl behind the counter.

The girl held up an enormous white plate and pointed at a sign that read ‘3 curries with rice $12’.

‘That’s more than I want,’ Eve replied grumpily, not willing to spend that much on a meal she needed rather than wanted.

‘We only have this,’ the serving girl gestured at the offerings in the Bain Marie, still holding the plate in her other hand.

Eve was beginning to lose a temper.

‘But I only want a small serve.’

‘We have 3 curries with rice. Eat in or takeaway,’ countered the serving girl unphased.

A queue was forming behind Eve and customers were watching the exchange curiously.

‘Fine,’ Eve spat. She spun on her heels and pushed past the other customers out of the door.

Eve marched into the 7/11 next door and purchased a lukewarm pie for $4.20 and two miniscule packets of sauce for 20 cents each.

Back outside she plopped onto the bench on the sidewalk that was facing the glass wall that was the entrance to the Curry Palace. She shared this space with a young Japanese man who was furiously typing into his smartphone while drawing deeply on a cigarette. The smoke drifted over to Eve and the man apologetically waved his hand trying to disperse it. ‘Sorry,’ he said.

Eve began to eat the pie in a determined act of duty. It was at this moment that she felt something heavy and warm drop into her lap – a white plastic bag.

‘There you go,’ she heard a male voice. She looked up and saw a suited male figure walking away from her. Puzzled she inspected the bag. Inside was a takeaway container of rice and 3 curries.

She was not sure whether to feel ashamed of herself or be pleased. The kind stranger must have witnessed her tantrum at the Curry Palace and felt sorry for her. Perhaps he had thought she couldn’t afford the meal and wanted to do her a kindness. Or maybe, she thought, he was a sub at heart and could not stand to see a superior female be denied her wish.

She packed the meal into her bike bag and rode home with a smile on her face.

Formicophilia or how to enlarge a penis with a wasp sting


Increasing the size of the penis is an age old endeavour. Compared to the many remedies peddled by suspect spammers theses days, one method from the Kama Sutra stands out. Supposedly the increase in penis size and girth resulting from the treatment is permanent, though I can’t see how this would be possible, nor is there any evidence to support this.

To increase the size and potential of the penis: Take shuka hairs – the shuka is an insect that lives in trees – mix with oil and rub on the penis for ten nights…When a swelling appears sleep face downwards on a wooden bed, letting one’s sex hang through a hole.

Shuka insects are a form of wasp and the hairs are the shuka’s stingers. This method is clearly not for the faint hearted – I cannot begin to imagine the pain caused by being stung in the penis.

Consistent with my belief that there’s always someone crazier than oneself out there, someone has actually tried this (or claims to have tried it) and has posted instructions online (do not try this at home).

After reading the text for the Kama Sutra I have come up with a plan to increase [the] girth [of my penis] using the common paper wasp… To catch and manipulate the wasps I use a type of lab tweezers that are spring loaded in a x shape and are 8 inches long. Once I find the nest I select a worker that is alone and catch it by the wing with the tweezers. Then I place it in a small jar with small holes in the lid … After I have three wasps I can rotate them out in a sting session.

This is how I do it. Achieve a partial erection and use a pen to mark 1/2” circles every 1” around the base and a second ring of circles 1” apart just above your circumcision scar. These are your targets. Put the jars in your fridge for a minute or two. NO LONGER! You want to slow them down not kill them.

Take all of the jars out at once. Select your first wasp and grab her wing near the middle with your tweezers. Only females can sting you. When you first grab her she will be mad so be fast with your aim. Manipulate your wasp/tweezer combo to target the circle. Once you have a single sting move on to the next circle target. When she does about two stings she will have calmed down so put her back in the jar and move on to the next one.

When you finish you WILL jump around for a while, but the reward is worth the five minutes of discomfort… The sex during the swelling phase is AWESOME AS IT GETS!!!! Good luck.


While the whole thing seems completely crazy, the technique sparked my imagination and I wrote this piece:

The slave was secured to the bed so he couldn’t move. Hands and feet each chained to a different corner of the massive bed. He was taut with anticipation. His Mistress had hinted at a special surprise. He turned his head to see what she was doing.

As she came into his field of vision he noticed an empty plastic water bottle in her hand. Or so he thought. She approached him and held the bottle to his face. “What do you think? ” she queried.

Inside the bottle was a solitary wasp angrily seeking escape. His breathing quickened. If he was right this was going to be very painful. She smiled an evil smile.“This will be fun for me. Perhaps less so for you.” She turned and while he could not see what she was doing he felt his dick being inserted into the opening of the water bottle and then being secured into place with tape.

“I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be fucked with a ridiculously swollen cock. I want to find out today.”

He could feel the wasp crawling over his cock in it’s frantic attempts at escape. His anxiety increased and he broke out in a cold sweat.

She stroked his balls and flicked the bottle with her nails every now and then to make sure the wasp stayed angry. He could feel the caged animal bump against him as it became ever more frantic. Then came a white hot searing pain as the wasp stung him on the underside of his penis. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before and he screamed and tore against the restraints. To no avail. He couldn’t get away. Could not escape his Mistress’ s crazy experiment. He could feel himself begin to swell, the wasp still moving about in the bottle and then it stung again. It was absolute agony and he screamed.

“Shush,” she admonished. “What will the neighbours think?”

He could hardly think for the pain, but to his relief he felt her beginning to cut away the bottle from his rapidly swelling cock.

“What have we here? Lifelike in every way except for size and the angry red colour.”

She giggled before crueĺly beginning to stroke him. He writhed and moaned and tried to pull away but it was no use.

“Stop. Please, please stop. I’ll do anything you want,” he begged. “You are already doing what I want.” she replied and continued to stroke him firmly. The pain was almost unbearable.

“Look at how huge you have become. I can barely wrap my hand around your girth. Let’s give it a try.” She hiked up her short skirt and straddled him. Then she lowered herself onto him. “Oh. It’s quite a novel sensation to feel so full, so stretched.” She sighed and began to fuck herself with his cock in earnest. He didn’t know how long it continued or how he got through it but eventually she climaxed with a satisfied moan and rolled off him. She turned to face him and kissed him deeply. “That was quite an experience, was it not?”

Bee-rotica: A beginner’s guide to insect sting fetishes is an interesting article on insect sting fetishes and can be found here.

Do I suck cock?

“Do I suck cock? Really? You want to know whether I suck cock?”

Stupid little shit. I look down at the slave who is naked in front of me in the wait kneeling position. Heels touching, knees spread, body upright with his hands resting on his thighs. His head is bowed. Not looking at me.

“For starters that should be ‘Do you suck cock, Mistress?’ I think you are forgetting your station.”

The slave does not move; says nothing.

“I suppose by implication you want to know whether I would suck your cock? Well here’s a reality check. You get what you are given. You wait to find out whether you are deserving. You wait to discover whether I would suck your cock – or not. As things stand now you can count yourself lucky if I touch your unworthy appendage.”

I notice that the slave’s cock is hard and straining against the bars of the cock cage that I have had him wear for the past week. The slave remains motionless; does not give any indication that he heard me.

“What are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to deliberately piss of your Mistress by asking questions you have no right to ask? Am I boring you with my lecture?”

I grab a fistful of the slave’s hair and yank back his head so he is now looking at me, but his eyes remain downcast. I draw back my hand and slap him across the face, hard. The slave winces. Red marks outlining my fingers appear on his cheek. I can see precum dripping from the tip of his engorged caged cock.

“Look at me you worthless fuck.”

The slave raises his eyes to me.

“Open your mouth.”

The slave opens his mouth. I spit in it.

“There’s your answer. Now shut your mouth and swallow.”

The slave does as bidden.

“Be a good boy. Get on all fours and be a foot stool for me.”

The slave does as ordered. I sit on the couch, put up my feet on the slave’s back and turn on the TV to watch a mind numbingly stupid show that is sure to annoy the slave.