Just a little too tight

Eve had been watching the girl since she’d started working at the firm.

At that intriguing crossroads between girl and woman, she kept to herself, reading Harry Potter books during her lunch break and contributing little at formal work meetings. What Eve notice most was her haughty demeanour and arrogant tone of voice that masqueraded an insecurity betrayed by the up-speak punctuating her sentences.

A few months ago the girl had injured her knee in a game of netball. Eve had observed her stiff legged shuffle as she made her slow and obviously painful way from one end of the office to the other. Weeks passed and there was no improvement in her walk. When Eve enquired whether she would have her knee fixed soon, the girl told her she would wait to do so until the next year. That had been at the beginning of August. It was now late September and the girl continued to gingerly shuffle about the office, heavily restricted in her ability to walk and obviously uncomfortable.

On this particular day, during a drawn out meeting, Eve’s thoughts had drifted. Her eyes had fastened on the girl’s shape, had taken note of a new softness in her facial features and the appearance of a slight double chin. Clearly the enforced sedentary lifestyle was starting to cause the girl to gain weight. Not an excessive amount of weight, but enough over a short period of time to be noticeable. The buttons of her blouse gaped where it strained over her newly fuller breasts. Eve’s gaze drifted down the girl’s form and noticed that the waistband of her black pants was clearly cutting into her round tummy and the fabric of her clothes stretched just a little too tight to be comfortable in some places.

It was not that her clothes were too small—they were at the brink of being tight, such that only a close observer and the girl herself would notice.

Eve was fascinated, taking in every little detail, including the newly pudgy hands. Eve was also quite turned on; turned on by the fact that the girl must feel uncomfortable in her tight clothes; turned on by the suspicion that the girl resented her expanding body; turned on by the thought that the girl might worry others would notice her weight gain.

As Eve was losing herself in speculation she heard a slight painful ‘ouch’ coming from across the meeting room. The girl had banged her injured knee on the edge of the table and was obviously in considerable pain, trying to repress her response to the hurt. Eve watched the range of emotions play across the girl’s face and like the sadist she was, Eve sucked up the pain and discomfort emanating from the girl and transformed it into pleasure and arousal within herself.

Back at her desk Eve watched as the girl teetered past with her stiff kneed unsteady gait. Her small feet formed the bottom of an inverted pyramid that was topped by her swaying hips; the black fabric of her pants stretching a little tightly across the hips and the seam visibly biting between her buttocks.

The next few months would be interesting, Eve thought to herself. It would be interesting to see whether the girl would continue to put on weight, becoming softer and rounder. It would be interesting to see how long she would continue to wear clothes that were bursting at the seams, cutting into her soft flesh and at which point she would accept the inevitable and buy herself a new outfit in a larger size.

Eve smiled to herself as she opened the second drawer of her desk which was filled with the party sized chocolate bars she used to curry favour from her fellow office workers.

Yes, thought Eve, this was going to be fun.