Do I suck cock?

“Do I suck cock? Really? You want to know whether I suck cock?”

Stupid little shit. I look down at the slave who is naked in front of me in the wait kneeling position. Heels touching, knees spread, body upright with his hands resting on his thighs. His head is bowed. Not looking at me.

“For starters that should be ‘Do you suck cock, Mistress?’ I think you are forgetting your station.”

The slave does not move; says nothing.

“I suppose by implication you want to know whether I would suck your cock? Well here’s a reality check. You get what you are given. You wait to find out whether you are deserving. You wait to discover whether I would suck your cock – or not. As things stand now you can count yourself lucky if I touch your unworthy appendage.”

I notice that the slave’s cock is hard and straining against the bars of the cock cage that I have had him wear for the past week. The slave remains motionless; does not give any indication that he heard me.

“What are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to deliberately piss of your Mistress by asking questions you have no right to ask? Am I boring you with my lecture?”

I grab a fistful of the slave’s hair and yank back his head so he is now looking at me, but his eyes remain downcast. I draw back my hand and slap him across the face, hard. The slave winces. Red marks outlining my fingers appear on his cheek. I can see precum dripping from the tip of his engorged caged cock.

“Look at me you worthless fuck.”

The slave raises his eyes to me.

“Open your mouth.”

The slave opens his mouth. I spit in it.

“There’s your answer. Now shut your mouth and swallow.”

The slave does as bidden.

“Be a good boy. Get on all fours and be a foot stool for me.”

The slave does as ordered. I sit on the couch, put up my feet on the slave’s back and turn on the TV to watch a mind numbingly stupid show that is sure to annoy the slave.